• A Piano For Every Style, A Piano For Every Space,
    A Piano For Every Budget, A Piano... Just Right For You

    Purchasing a piano can be a wonderful experience. However it can also be somewhat of a confusing experience. And that’s where the Frank & Camille’s difference comes in to play! At Frank & Camille’s, you will encounter a different shopping experience. An experience I believe you will prefer. Having helped thousands of satisfied customers over the years, we can help you to find that piano you always dreamed of!

    We want you to select the piano that is right for your purposes and to be pleased with your choice. We enjoy taking the time to explain piano design and construction, and to show you how it bears on the sound, the touch, as well as its longevity. After all, a piano become an integral part of your life and your home for a long, long time, and we consider it to be our responsibility to help you find the right piano that is perfect for you and your needs.

    Frank & Camille’s offer’s the largest selection of new
    quality pianos by top-name manufacturers in the NY
    Metro area! Plus, our unparalleled, award-winning staff
    will surpass all your expectations, helping you to select
    an instrument, which ideally meets the needs of you
    and your family. Frank & Camille’s is committed to
    providing every option available to make an instrument
    in your home a reality.

    From our industry-leading rental program… to our
    convenient leasing options and payment plans… to
    our large selection of new and pre-owned pianos,
    Frank & Camille’s has the perfect instrument to
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