• Compare Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos To Other Brands.
    It's Important To Know Your Options.

    At Frank & Camille’s East, and for the past 36 years, our mantra has always been to provide the largest selection of fine quality pianos for our customers to try and to compare.

    Choice is a most valuable asset when deciding which piano will best suit your needs. Everyone has unique and specific reasons for purchasing a piano, and Frank and Camille’s East understands and addresses those needs.

    The Young Chang Y150 :

    Cost: Approximately $3000 less

    The Young Chang Y121

    Y150 Features:

    • 4’11” baby grand
    • Solid spruce soundboard
    • Slow close fallboard
    • Reinforced lid

    The Baldwin BP148:

    Cost $1000 less

    The Young Chang Y121

    BP148 Features:

    • 4’10 baby grand
    • Solid spruce soundboard
    • Slow close

    The Kawai GM12 :

    Cost: Similarly priced

    The Young Chang Y121

    GM12 Features:

    • Upgrade The Kawai GM12 is a 5’ grand, Japanese made with exquisite touch and tone.
    • 5’ grand
    • Slow close fallboard
    • Millennium 3 carbon fiber action